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Battery drain quickly after one ui 5.1 update

(Topic created on: 03-11-2023 03:27 AM)
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Samsung a52 battery drain quickly after one ui 5.1 update. Anyone else having this problem?
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Try to restart and if that doesn't work try resetting the device. I didn't notice any significant battery drain after one ui 5.1 update in my a52. I usually get around 5-7 hours of screen on time depending on how I use my device.
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Hi sometimes a new update may cause fast battery drain. You can try to clear cache of all the apps by rebooting into recovery and clearing it from there.

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Hi 👋
It will fix by next security patch level update
1.go to the power saving mood then you can see 3 things on it. On these settings
*limit CPU speed to 70%
*decrease brightness by 10%
*limit apps and home screen
2.use dark mood
3.use brightness level between 0%-30%
4.turn off Auto rotation
5.If you use mobite data change to the wifi
6.turn off bluetooth and some unused options.
7.if you have lot of unused apps, zip or sleep these apps

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My device is galaxy A33 5G there's no battery drain issue after 5.1 update
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It will fix from next update