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The patch is already live across Latin America and is expected to keep expanding to more territories momentarily. The Galaxy Note 8 thus joined the dozen or so Samsung devices that already made the jump to the latest firmware.

The newly introduced patch is identified by PDA version number N950FXXSEDUC2. No other changes or additions are part of this release, as was to be expected from an update targeting a 2017 smartphone.

In regards to Android security updates, the Galaxy Note 8 has been on a quarterly release cycle as of last year. Meaning there’s still only a couple of updates left in the pipeline before we enter the “no promises” territory. That’s hardly a surprise for a device that will be turning three this summer.

As per usual, you don’t have to sit idly in preparation for the April 2021 patch to arrive on your Galaxy Note 8. If you bring up the Settings app and go to Software update > Download and install, you’ll trigger a manual search for the latest OTA. Which will likely succeed if the rollout already reached our country

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The April patch is available now. Installed today. All seems to be working fine.