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Alternate look

(Topic created on: 05-12-2024 10:36 PM)
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Galaxy A
I love trying new apps and specially, launchers. Because native Android and/or stock UI gets boring after a few months. 

To reignite the love for your phone, try a new launcher. If you don't know what is a launcher, it is a category of apps that gives a completely new look and feel to your phone homescreen and app drawer. 

The launcher I am enjoying on my A24 is Smart Launcher ( The best thing I like about Smart Launcher is that it arrange all your apps in category tabs inside app drawer. You don't need to scroll or swipe until you spot the desired app. Smart Launcher also offers innovative widget system also and also have beautiful wallpapers. 

I am enjoying it a lot that's why I am recommending it to you guys!
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Galaxy A
For the kind knowledge of members who are reading this post, custom launchers are created by open source and non oem copanies, so you may get new features but will or may experience bad performance of set, lack of security of your personal precious information on phone.

So be careful while installing because you are going to 🔥ignite 🔥 your lovely phone's life.1715584732331.jpg