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Abdroid 12 for Galaxy A02

(Topic created on: 12-30-2022 09:22 AM)
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Galaxy A

I have an  Galaxy A02 (SM-A022F) in the members app they had this device getring Android 12. At the end of November Samsung took the update notice down after Samsung started updating the Galaxy A01 to Android 12. Now the A03, A03s, A02S the A01 all have gotten Android 12. One moderator even said yes it would get Android 12. But to date December 30, 2022. Not a single Galaxy A02 no matter the variant SM-A022F/G/M nor the M02 have gotten Android 12. Samsung promised it would push the update back in July. But yet nothing. This is the only Galaxy device left on the list. Is it still getting Android 12?

Screenshot_20221116-104536_Samsung Members.jpg