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Its good to see that samsung finally realized that if they compete with chineez companys they need to add snapdragon processors in their devices strongly ..bcz there are no may options in midrange without chineez ..but this time samaung nailed it with m51 not only for snapdragon processor with sony sensors and inteoduce samaung amoled plus in it ..a great thumbs up to samsung ..if they continue it definitely samsung regain his 1st spot in india ..but 4 major point i special notify that below which samaung need to be consider 
1. Samsung one ui full fledge ( bcz m series got one ui core which is disapointing )
2. Leave the exynoss and Atleast give us latest snapdragon chipset ..bcz already we seen sd 730g under 20k mobiles so under 30k sd 765g our sd 732g is reasonble 
3. Reasonble price (sd 730 ,sd 720 under 20k )
4. Give proper update ur 1 year old devices also A50,A50S,A70,A70S,A30,A30S,) many features missing in this devices just like  4k  video recording ,single take , front night mode ,eis option, edge lightning etc etc 

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if you prefer snapdragon over exynos, please sign this petition