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A73 battery πŸ”‹ draining issues

(Topic created on: 03-16-2023 08:18 AM)
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I bought a new phone by last week only. But It has a severe battery drain problem and I tried all power saving tips and deleted un wanted apps also but still issue is not rectify. I am disappointed 
I am requesting to Samsung team please fix the issues.
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For assistance, please visit one of our authorized Service Centres to check it for you. You may refer to the link it will guide you to the nearest service centre to your location https://www.samsung.com/ae/support/service-center/

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The new phone's algorithm will take time to understand your battery usage pattern. Till then you will feel that battery draining fastly. Just be patient.
And you switch ON the adaptive battery feature. Set processing speed to optimised. Depending on your usage device itself will categorised the sleeping and deep sleeping apps.

Good luck πŸ‘ Screenshot_20230316_155633_Device care_1000027678_1678971393.jpg
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Thanks for your reply
I ll wait and see.
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Please follow these steps:

β€’ Adaptive Battery,
β€’ Delete unnecessary apps and avoid filling up your storage above 80%.
β€’ Optimise device in device care.
β€’ Analyse the apps that consume more battery and then sleep or deep sleep those apps.
β€’ Avoid using the phone in extreme temperatures.
β€’ Update the device to the lastest firmware.
β€’ Don't use the device while charging,
β€’ Switch off unnecessary features I.e. switch off Bluetooth, location, prevent using majority of the time the device brightness above 75%.
β€’ Restart,
β€’ Send a error report if the issue persists.

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