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A73 Battery drain issue

(Topic created on: 02-28-2023 10:02 PM)
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I bought my brand new A73 one month ago.this phones battery backup is very poor.It's like a 3000mah battery phone from 2015 using in 2023.I tried many battery saving tips from settings to solve this issue but it's getting worse day by day,I cannot even get 1 day backup with this phone.I am not a gamer either. If it is a 5000 mah battery then it should at least give 4000mah backup but it's not,so give any software update or talk to the development team to do something.if not then I have to switch to Chinese brands or iphone and not recommend samsung to others

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Please follow these steps:

• Adaptive Battery,
• Delete unnecessary apps and avoid filling up your storage above 80%.
• Optimise device in device care.
• Analyse the apps that consume more battery and then sleep or deep sleep those apps.
• Avoid using the phone in extreme temperatures.
• Update the device to the lastest firmware.
• Don't use the device while charging,
• Switch off unnecessary features I.e. switch off Bluetooth, location, prevent using majority of the time the device brightness above 75%.
• Restart,
• Send a error report if the issue persists.

3,000Mah is ideal for many devices.

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