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Well it's been almost 180+ days I'm using galaxy A71. I'll share my opinion on this device. 

Design and Built:
This device consists of glastic body (claimed by samsun) and the display is protected with gorilla glass 3. With is built quality I think it's pretty much solid phone. 
This phone comes 3.5 mm headphone jack and audio output is very good. To enhance that you have Dolby atoms to customize with your wired or wireless headset.
The volume key and power button is good and give quick response. 
Mono speaker present. 

The camera is awesome. 64mp(GW1) main camera along with 12mp ultra wide + 5 mp depth sensor + 5mp macro.  After the full pro mode with one ui 2.1 update makes it more awesome. 
But somehow there are many features missing in camera. 
Shutter speed is limited to 10s not 30s
Iso is limited to 1600 not 3200
Switching camera while recording is missing
EIS can be improve.
Night mode is not upto the mark.
Macro is not that much great. 
Selfie camera is good for me cause I don't use it much.

SD 730 is just a beast in mid range segment (except gaming). Performance is too good for me as I don't play games. No lag issue. Optimize photos efficiently. Battery optimization is good. Over all great. 

Battery and charger:
Battery 4500mAh on paper but actual battery is 4300mAh. It lasts for 1 day easily and may few hours more. I haven't faced any unusual battery drain problem. The 25w charger is good enough for me to charge my phone quickly. And it's working well.

Display is awesome. A next gen super amoled termd as Samoled+ is good enough for content consuming. But HDR10+ support is missing. Dark mode is great with AOD. 

To unlock phone there are two biometric present 
1. Face unlock (I personally don't use it)
2. In display fingerprint. It's pretty much fast for me. Works accurately. It recognizes everytime. No headache for multiple attempts. 

For inbuilt Security knox is present in this device.
This device got all the knox features. 
The secure folder is quite a bit useful thing for this phone with AltZ life(quick Switching b/w two windows). Secure folder is customized well.
Samung pay is there for payments. Which I use rarely cause I prefer Google pay more. 
S secure is present as app lock but I think they should improve it more because it can be Uninstall and the locked apps will be unlocked.

Speaker is good enough for calling. But for listening to songs use headset or external speakers as there is only single speaker.
I love the Dolby atmos personally. 

Edge lighting is present. Easy to customize. 
View finder (common in every samsung devices)
Screen recorder 
Extender for screenshot
Smart view
Quick share
Call and text on other devices
Bixby support 
Adaptive brightness menu
Link to windows.

Over all the device is good but 
1. It's overpriced somehow. 
2. Samsung's update policy is too much bad.

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Good to the point review.
I feel at 26-27k if you get A71 after applying all available discounts and offers then it is good deal.
But anything over 28k just doesn't feel right, then it is definitely overpriced. I have seen many people who have bought it for almost 33k !
That is simply ridiculous price for A71.

If you compare with competitors in market , I will say A71 has good update track record. Samsung has announced that they will provide update for 3 years for A71 which is not case with many others.
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Agreed. About the pricing. Somehow I purchased it just after it came to the market. So got a small discount from the retailer cause there was no cashback offer then.

In case of update policy. I don't have any problem with 3 years major OS updates. What I'm saying is they pushed a lot more bug in new updates. The apps or systems worked fine before, got denatured after their untested updates. And most irritating thing is they delayed a lot in pushing updates to these less purchased phones.
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I have used Sony, LG in past also Redmi for short period. I feel amount of features One UI provides and update frequency is very good.
I will rate them just behind Pixel,OnePlus,Nokia. Also note that these 3 brands use almost stock android which is easier to maintain and faster to update.
But stock android lacks many features which are useful in daily life.
Anyways good that you shared your views so that other people can read and take informed decision.
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Great phone. No heating issue even while recording video for long time.

Bigsby voice is not responding properly. Sometimes its not waking up. Sometimes after waking up, it's not taking commands.
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I choose google assistant ahead of siri and bixby in accuracy. 😉😁
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yes, brother Agreed with you