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After September security patch update, the rear camera is giving failing results. Even in bright light conditions the camera captures yellowish hue from nowhere and the quality is also not upto the mark. 

Plus, wide angle lens is just useless now. Its quality is worse than 5MP camera and the fish eye effect in the picture ruins the overall image. 

I doesn't feel like I'm using this expensive camera. 

Fairly disappointed. 
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Hi there,

Kindly follow the mentioned steps to resolve the issue in your device.
- Check the Picture size (Camera Capacity) in camera setting (It should be Max according to Camera Capacity).
- Turn on the Auto Flash (If Available in the Device).
- Reset the Camera (From the Camera Setting).
- Software update via FOTA or Smart switch PC suite.
For further assistance, register your concern in Samsung members application (Open Samsung members app >> click on “+“icon > send feedback >> error report / ask question).

Team Samsung Members.