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A54 indoor processing

(Topic created on: 04-04-2024 11:50 PM)
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Galaxy A

Hello,let me just go straight to the point...PLEASE Samsung,if I have to pay,I will.

My A54 is such a good phone but it's lacking only one thing,good LOW LIGHT processing,indoor processing and the selfie camera on every condition,it's not good,let me tell you what's happening.

It's warm,I cannot use my photos and videos taken on a front facing camera and Main Camera in low light/indoors,I always have to edit them,if we can get a software update,PLEASE give us the update because this is was 2023's budget phone of the year🔥🔥🔥
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Unfortunately this is a hardware issue, not the type you can pay for to upgrade. You'll need a Galaxy S if you want better low light media.

You can still send a query to them on the support side of the app and a software update may soften the blow
Galaxy A
I'm glad you noticed the issue and yes,that's what I was thinking about...then I'll buy the Ultra instead

Okay thanks
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Sorry for your experience..I'd highly recommend a more high device like the FE s the one that will come out this year...because with the A series there are so many short comings...speaking from experience,your experience will only worsen..your phone will start to lag so bad that it gets very annoying and the camera in future I recommend the higher device for enthusiasts..because the A series doesn't cut it...oh and late updates as it gets older..but you should also always Clean your lenses before taking pictures
Galaxy A
I always clean my lenses,atleast I can edit my pictures if they warm...and it's only low light pictures that give me a hard time

Yeah,I'll upgrade to the Ultra instead,thanks