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A54 December Patch: Trade-off between Performance & Battery

(Topic created on: 12-29-2023 09:49 AM)
Beginner Level 2
Galaxy A
After installing December patch the device is running smoothly. It's a little boost in performance but I can clearly feel it. The device is running smoother than before. 

But the device is consuming more battery (My device settings are same Before and After update).

Before update the device was giving me maximum battery life due to my customized settings. But after the update I personally feel they trade-off battery with Exynos - OneUI optimization.

My major settings are:
1) No SIM cards (No 5G/4G etc.)
2) WiFi ON
3) Bluetooth OFF
5) Location OFF
6) Sound Profile - Silent 
7) Sync OFF
😎 Adaptive Battery ON
9) Power Saving - Disabled
10) Battery Protect (85% limit - Enabled)
11) Dark Mode with "Extra Dim" enabled
12) Eye comfort enabled
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Beginner Level 2
Galaxy A

After installing the December patch, my device runs smoothly with a noticeable performance boost.

However, there's an apparent increase in battery consumption, despite unchanged settings.

It seems the update may have traded off battery life for Exynos-OneUI optimization, affecting my customized power settings.