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A52s Signal Issue - Update

(Topic created on: 09-21-2023 09:08 AM)
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As I've posted a few days back of having problems with my A52s Sim Signals dropping, I've gone through a lot of post/forums on different social media channels and I came to know that my I'm not the only one dealing with this, fast forward I recently visited their customer service located in my city, they asked me either I dropped it or not to which my answer was "NO" on further checking through their software they told me I've got an issue in my transmitter of my phone(mainly due to radiations by microwave-they mentioned) and for that, they have to change the whole board which approximately will cost me 52,000pkr 
As a Samsung User and specifically a52s one I wanted to use this phone for a period of minimum 3-4 years but sadly it is not in my hands.
Apart from Sim Signals Issue which happens 20-25 times a day there's nothing to be worry about but yeah due to continous searching of Signals My battery drain is increased by 20%.

Brief Explanation : Don't use your phone near microwave and it can create the magnetic flux which can cause damage to your phone transmitter or anything due to the radiations, so try to avoid take your phone in Kitchen and specially when the microwave is ON.
(I don't know if that's the case of using your phone near microwave is appropriate I'm just quoting what they said to me, I'll be happy if anybody can confirm/verify this)

Thank you.

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Thank you for your information