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A50 android 11 update

(Topic created on: 2/22/21 4:51 AM)
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Good morning guys, 

The android 11 update with one ui 3.0 is 80% done for A50, and it is set to release. Because from January, A50 firmware is under built and it has stopped on February 18. Check the image below


So the A50 users can expect the update at March 1 or 1st week of march or if users have luck they could get the update at end of February.

The reason for the delay is samsung always provide update for exynos version before snapdragon. And samsung is tuning the one ui 3 for A50 for better performance because background blurring needs more chip performance so they tune the software for midrange phones to feel like flagship phones. 

So guys get ready for the update at March 1st week. See you soon.
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March 1 and first week of March already gone.