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In January 2020 the camera worked, but at some point during the year it stopped focusing, or better, has large troubles focusing and has a very narrow focus. I know it's not the camera itself, it's been to a repair place, I've done all the steps Samsung suggested, however, the issue persists. 

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Dear Samsung Member,

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Pleas be assured and would like to inform you that as you have tried all the steps, we request you kindly visit the service center as your device needs physical inspection. To check for the nearest Samsung service center kindly click on the link: https://www.samsung.com/in/support/service-center/

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Too much worries with Samsung. 

Phone A30 camera blurry , can't focus. Million of people tried what you think will resolve the problem (cache, flash....) Nothing work!!!


Find a solution !!! Please quickly.

10 years with Samsung. Seems.to be the last time.ifnot resolved...