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A 50 shuts down after overheating msg

(Topic created on: 12-25-2021 02:23 AM)
Beginner Level 2
Galaxy A
After using A 50 for the last one year with out facing any issues,  I started  getting  overheating  message and the device shuts down after  almost one minute.  When I tried  charging ,it showed a reg warning ⚠️ message and didn't charge  either.

 I visited different vendors shop but they refused by saying it a manufacturing fault I A50 series.

But after taking back the set from the last vendor who said he will look into it in detail after I backup my data, I took the set back home and surprisingly after transfer and backup my data from the set ( factory reset and update the set afterwards), I no longer received any overheating messages and the phone is working perfectly fine till now for almost 2 weeks. 
I think that was bug or software issue which was fixed after the update 

#A50 #overheating