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⚠️ Galaxy A50 🔊 止まれ are not working

(Topic created on: 12-03-2020 07:35 AM)
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Galaxy A
When I tries to make a call the phone starts ringing even there is no problem with voice and video calls.

Unfortunately the Samsung music and YouTube are voiceless!!

I have tried with clearing the cache as well as interactive checks within Samsung Members it won't work for making any noise. 

I have tried with the support agents they are by default accessed from Pakistan while I am residing at Tokyo so they are unable to help!


Beside that even I can't use the remote help! 

Does anyone else facing this issue since 2 weeks or so? 
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Galaxy A
dail *#0*# and check speaker if you hear sound than some 3rd party app doing some issue. try putting in your phone in safe mode as well and check mic and speaker.