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⚠️⚠️Major Bug In Samsung Galaxy A72 3X Telephoto Lens.⚠️⚠️

(Topic created on: 04-10-2023 11:14 AM)
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Galaxy A
Well Well Well...
I got a huge bug in Samsung A72 after the recent update of One UI 5.1 

As The Iconic 3X Telephone lens isn't working or you can say shifting once we click on 3X Zoom Button. It's a huge blunder.

Let me explain, if you Open your Phone Camera in Samsung A72 and then click on 3X Zoom Button right after clicking on you must cover the 3X Lens from the back with your Finger. And you'll realise it's not working the main sensor digitally croping the Screen. Same with the Video Mode, Simply open video mode and click on the 3X zoom and then cover that 3X Lens you'll notice the 3x camera lens isn't working. 


The when you'll record a video and then shift the lens it do Use the 3X lens. You might think it's still ok but it's not because when we apply same method to the Photo Mode, it doesn't work. Like when you click photo on 3x lens it doesn't use the same 3x lens. It use the Main lens. 

It's huge Bug honestly. And i believe @Samsung #Samsung Is doing this attentionly and they might want their users to upgrade by adding these bugs. Come On guys if you think you guys did wrong by adding the 3x lens to a Upper Mid range Phone then that doesn't mean you cut down that thing through software. 

We want you to please release a monthly update and fix the issue asap. Thanks
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