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improved but there's a lot to be improved

(Topic created on: 11-13-2019 02:21 PM)
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1) When I receive notification. Screen doesn't light up when it is locked.
2) missed call notifications are not showing up.
3) when in recent apps menu, can't use home gesture to go to home. (Navigation gestures)
4) when unlocked the phone, the status bar totally disappears sometimes.
5)camera quality is not good.. the photos are little bit on the unsaturated side..
6) quick star app in good lock. That was quite useful app. We need it back.
7) even Samsung A70 has fast 25w charging. But not the S10 and S10+. We want this feature that is really important because fast charging makes it better the ever. 
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All your views are good and must be worked on. But your last wish is really dumb. It's a hardware thing can't be installed via a software patch. If it's not present there in hardware you can't get it, simple. Many people are yelling to add 25W/45W charging but it's not possible now. Many issues are still there Samsung must bear with us because they do not have a great record of listening their customers.