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Galaxy Note 20 5G 128GB US version

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My Galaxy note 20 5g us version doesn't ring when incoming calls are received. There is a pop up and the screen turns on but no sound. I've tried every DND option, volume levels, DND exceptions, etc... Literally everything. It works right after resta...

Posted by: kytrex
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Bugs/Issues found in beta 3

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Hey team samsung, though late but still want to share some issues that were observed :- 1. The recent app menu still not likable and doesn't feel optimized when trying to scroll smoothly and quickly. 2. The some accidental touches while in game and s...


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My battery jumped from 15% to 11% to 1% i a span of less than 2 minutes, and by jumped i mean went directly from 15 to 11 to 1, nothing in between


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Hi, please don't update anyone to 3.0 UI version until its stable, yesterday i updated my note 10+ to 3.0 UI version after that mobile getting overheating and heavy battery draining, so anyone got an update notification request you to postpone it , j...

Stable update

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These countries got stable update of one ui 3.0 but still no sign when indian users will get stable update ? it's been almost 2 month since beta started . 😏😏 beta team you care to atleast tell us something about date or any new improvements regardi...