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a big problem with restoring beta

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Hi allI have encountered a very big problem with the one UI beta program from Samsung India. I had joined the program a few months back and downloaded the beta version of the Samsung one UI software for my Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra phone.The beta ...

battery drain

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Hi anyone facing battery drain and heating issue in n20ultra.Happens more while using camera and phone callsHad the issue before beta update and problem still persistsHad loss of 20 percent in two hours with 30 to 40 minutes phone call onlyOn 60 hz r...

Features what we want from samsung

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As we are living in the technological era. We noticed that there are a lot of features was offering from other companies like oppo amd vivo one plus and apple.And we also want them in our samsung devices.Such as :1.) Live network speed meter on notif...


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Now, post the notification sounds issues, its time for the ringtones. Its never making the ringtones play during any incoming calls. What a beta programme, seems samsung developer team started making a different mobile platform itself where nothing w...

stable roll out

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https://m.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_s20_fe_now_receiving_one_ui_30__android_11_update_as_does_the_note20_duo-news-46814.phpIts nearing

Posted by: kumik
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no beta5 even

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As expected, SAMSUNG india beta team is in complete mood of christmass eve. They should have pushed the beta5 for the n20 series devices, but.....

goodlock module update

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Received an update for quickstar yesterday, and yes, its working now with different functionalities for the statusbar swipe gesture. And important is the customisation working also.