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Unable to Download

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I couldn't download the latest update. It doesn't matter whether connect to wifi or mobile data. Talked to Customer Care. They told me to visit Service Center. This happened last month also when 2nd beta released. Then I visit Service Center. Now aga...

It's beat..πŸ€”πŸ€«

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Friends ...it's beat teem ....We facing Hundreds of problems.....Beat 3.0...3.1.......and finaly stable One UI 3Its miracle.....πŸ€«πŸ€”πŸ€«πŸ˜„No solution Only final decision Good Samsung.....It's happened with 80k smart phone flagship not 10 plus.......πŸ˜„�...

goodbye beta 3.0

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Missing the fluidity and smoothness of one ui 2.5,Also not a single feature in ui 3.0 is above than adds in native weather app...Waited for so long in hopes of getting a solution from Samsung but they pushed stable one ui 3.0 neglecting beta feedback...

Posted by: Di22
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One UI 3.0 official release

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The notice which was previously sent by the Samsung team says One UI 3.0 official software version for Note10+ is in Jan 21. Can Note10+ line up expect One UI 3.0 and 3.1 both back to back?

Posted by: Dvyrajj
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Going back to one UI 2.5

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Dear all,Due to unresolved bug in slow MO and ultra slow MO camera, I'm reverting back to one UI 2.5 using smart switch.This is my 1st beta testing experience. In future I'll never become a beta tester.Good luck all.Bye


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Request to all beat members........We all are on the same beta version....But every body has different problems....Which I have facing...that problem other member have nothing issu ...Which problem other members facing I have not that issu.....How th...

This is getting serious.

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There are bugs that are interrupting basic uses like camera and beta team is taking this lightly. This not beta users signed up for, we are supposed to report problems and get them solved no just report problems and wait for the beta team to release ...

spen problem

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Spen is disconnect automatically and then unavailable to connect pls give any solution for that restart also done 2 beta update after only this problem anybody face this issue πŸ˜‘