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Stable version BSKO download links for S10 and S10+

(Topic created on: 11-28-2019 03:57 PM)
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Steps to install the update...
(Follow them as it is... Every step is important)

1) Download the respective file as per your device model from the above links... If you select the wrong file you will just end up wasting your time...

2) Rename the file to update.zip from xxxxx.bin...

4) Move the file to SD card... It's compulsary... Use a spare sd card to apply the update if you don't use an SD card normally...

3) Turn off your phone and go to recovery mode...
Press Bixby key + Vol up + Power key... Once the phone turns on you can leave the power key after 5 seconds..

4) In recovery mode select "apply update from sd card"

5) Navigate to the location where you copied the downloaded file and select the file

6) The update process will start and it will take a while... Have a cup of tea in the meanwhile...

7) Phone will automatically reboot after the update is applied