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Galaxy Studio

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What is Galaxy Studio? Galaxy studio is basiclaly a showcase of tech tha samsung does in various cities. It has all the cool things and gadgets that samsung make stored to play with and experince. Its really cool


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note 9 Problem

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Samsung Note 9 I just purchased new phone. The basic SMS and calling function not working properly. Called service centre many times but no help. Samsung kindly do something. Rakesh Jindal 9560464525

Posted by: Rakesh5
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After September update my phone hange most of time please help me.

Posted by: BSA
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note 8 at 33k or s8 at 23k

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May be a naive question but I am super confused. I have a note 8 and want to buy another for wife or give this note to her and get s8 for myself.1. I love s8 for smaller form factor but confused if after using note 8 will find it small2. I love stylu...