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Air pollution at Delhi

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The air quality at Delhi, according to a WHO survey of over 1600 cities, is the worst of any major city in the world.India has the highest death rate from chronic respiratory diseases and asthma,according to the WHO. In Delhi,poor quality air irrever...

Fingerprint Unlock problem in Note 10

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Hello friends, fingerprint Unlock system in Note 10 is not that effective. We have to press it for a longer time and then it works.Even the face unlock system is far far better in iPhone 11. I have iPhone 11 also. So Samsung is to do something in thi...

samsung floap show continue

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i think this is last time for samsung. because i am 10 year old samsung user this time samsung fail to improve the phone i am use s10 plus phone its a flagship phone by samsung but its feeling like a basic lol phone i think the end of samsung i sugge...

Posted by: sonni
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BETA Program

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Samsung also have to give beta experience for mid range segment ( especially A series) users because they have more mid range users then flagship. So that we will also help samsung to optimize software for mid range .

update issue

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Hi guys! I'm posting here because I'm a little bit lost. I got a new software update today on my A505F (A505FDDU2ASJ2 - it's the 2nd update for October, the phone was already on Oct. 1st security level before this update) and I installed it right awa...

Posted by: Sohag1
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