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Z Flip Cell Phone

(Topic created on: 06-14-2023 04:39 PM)
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I bought my SAMSUNG Z FLIP 256GB DUAL SIM on the 19th of October 2021 which means it is still within its 48 months warranty period up and until today.

I was sitting in my office, with my phone on my desk next to me, and after a while when I opened my phone, the screen was completely black.  My phone was working fine on my way to work, which is +-45min drive, as I was using it to play music in my car. I also know for a fact that I did not drop my phone that day, or any day before that matter.

The next day, I took the phone to the Samsung Electronics service centre in Menlyn Mall,  for it to be fixed under its warranty cover. The service consultant issued me with a report stating that Samsung have declined the warranty repair on my phone.

Te basis of their rejection is because there are minor scratches visible on the side of the phone, the bending part, which are not protected by the very expensive silicone phone protection cover I bought with the phone, at the time.

Which means that there is nothing that prevents my Samsung Z Flip from incurring normal minor wear and tear scratches, on this part of the phone.

There is also no other protection cover, that exist or is available in SA, for a Z Flip phone that do actually protect this part of the phone from incurring any minor wear & tear scratches.

So, Samsung declined to repair my Z Flip under the warranty cover, based on minor scratches found on the phone, normal wear & tear, but also do not offer any product (Phone Protection Cover) for a Z Flip phone, that can prevent or protect the bending side of the phone from incurring minor wear and tear scratches!

Surely this can’t be right, as it seems that Samsung is looking for the smallest reason, not to repair my phone.!!!

I raised my contentions with Samsung SA, and I was contacted by a Samsung Customer Advisor, who only confirmed that they are not revising their report and will still not fix my Samsung Z Flip phone under its Warranty Policy.

I then had no alternative but to proceed with lodging a Claim, with my short-term insurance service provider, so that my Samsung Z Flip Cell phone can be repaired or alternatively be replaced.

My Z Flip phone was, thereafter, booked in at my insurance provider’s cell phone repair service provider, after which my insurance provider also rejected or declined to repair or alternatively replace my Z Flip cell phone, under my insurance claim!!

The reason for their rejection, is that its cell phone repair service provider, who investigated and assessed the reason why my phone just went black, found and stated the following in their report:

  • Only minor scratches and marks was evident, on the outside of the phone, and no trances of an impact or liquid was found anywhere on the phone.
  • The middle “White Mark” or section found on the screen is because of excessive opening/closing.
  • The middle part of the screen “Cracked” also because of excessive opening/closing of the phone.
  • The “White Mark” and “Crack” found in the middle of the screen, is a common Manufacturers Default on the Samsung Z Flip Cell phone.
  • In support of its findings, they also provided a web link to Samsung’s Community posts, which confirmed the Z Flip Manufacturers Default, that confirmed that the screen starts to show a “White Mark” in the middle of the screen and eventually also “crack”, after it was open and closed a number of times.

Please click on the link to see for yourself:

h  ttps://

  • Their recommendation, to my insurance provider, is that I am to pursue a Warranty Claim, with the Manufacturer.

How can it be, that I have now received two damages reports, one from Samsung and one from an alternative 3rd party, which completely contradicts each other as the two respective damages reports are stating the exact opposite reasons, as to why the touch screen of my Z Flip cell phone suddenly went completely black.

This situation now leaves me, as the USER and CLIENT, in the extremely unfair and unfavourable position, as I am now out of pocket and are personally liable to pay the costs to repair or replace my very expensive Samsung Z Flip cell phone, even though I thought I had peace of mind that I have:

  • A 48-month Manufacturer’s Warranty on my Z Flip
  • Insurance Cover if something unexpected is to happen to it.

Even though the Z Flip cell phone is a very nice phone, people should think twice before they buy it, as you “THE USER” will be the one that pay’s:

  • For a Manufacturer’s Warranty Cover, that do not mean anything.
  • For insurance cover on the Z Flip, which will not assist you if the phone bakes.
  • The only one liable to pay for all the repair costs, if there is a Manufacturer’s Default on the Z Flip.
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Consumer Electronics
If I where you I would defo take legal action. Foldable are exemsove to repair that's why they don't want to help you. But it sounds like it should be under warranty. Talk to a lawyer.