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Wrong promises of Samsung to the customers - Change of delivery commitment and responsiveness

(Topic created on: 07-25-2021 10:20 PM)
Muhammed Shabeer
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A customised order was placed 7 weeks back for S21 Ultra is yet to be delivered and no resposnse from the Samsung Gulf Team. 4-5 weeks was the delivery commitment and now we are on the the 7th week with niether the product in hand nor the update on when it will be recieved. Call centre and customer service agents are not responsing to the emails and are failing to provide an update on the order. 

This case has been escalated to the top management team and has contacted me promising an update two weeks back. Now they too are vanished and no one responds to the email of e-store.ae@samsung.com

Is there anyone with the same situation? I am sure thousands are out there..

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Did you order online sitting home. Where thousand off Samsung outlets and authorized dealers available on streets.