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I’m writing this massage and hope it reach Samsung top senior management to get their support..My Subject TV screen after 02 years working fine at my home suddenly start getting issues in it and not working properly. After contacting Samsung maintenance team they said it is motherboard damage so I accept it to replace it but after fixing it the issues remain so they said it is screen damage and need to replace it which will cost me around 3,000 dirhams!!

This is unrealistic especially there is no reason for causing the issues in my screen I’m really frustrated from this product and how it was been handled by Samsung team as it been only 02 years using it so I wish Samsung company consider my massage and fix my screen as I’m loyal customer to Samsung products..

location: Sharjah-UAE

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to contact samsung directly go to "get help" page of this app, click "send your feedback..." and report your issue there. your feedback is guaranteed to be read and acknowledged and they reply fairly quickly from what i've experienced (even if they dont reply be sure that you've been heard). this way you're just contacting other users