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Worst worst experience i had today with SAMSUNG. Never ever expected this in my life. Cz, I am using only and only samsung from the beginning, and never had any issue with that, but today, i had much bigger issue. I've book an appointment for customer service for my phone Note 10+. I am facing problem in my s pen connectivity. So for the same i have booked via the samsung member app and as per this, i am eligible for priority service over there. But i didn't received any and i have to wait in the queue as other. This was not acceptable nor appreciable. And secondly, while i have presented my phone to the engineer, she told me to submit my phone minimum for a week and will check for any physical damage or anything. And i said what?, i am not at all capable to leave my phone for 2 days, and you are saying to leave my phone for a week? Secondly,  my phone is under warranty but, they told that s pen has only 6 mnths warranty. Again the dumbest thing i ever heard. S pen is the phone material itself and you guys are providing 6mnths warranty? Are you guys serious? After hearing this, i left my opinion towards SAMSUNG. Like sir, we are using the falgship phones. Then provide us the same flagship service too. This stupid concept of 6 mnths and 12 mnths is not at all acceptable in this kind of phones. Atleast you must provide 12 mnths warranty for s pen also. Understand the point Dear SAMSUNG. YOU MUST DO THIS. MUUSSSTTTT.
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bro, you are right, I'm also facing charging issue on my Samsung device actually it's fast charger after security patch level update it's shows notification bar cable charging it's software bug. number of people facing this issue many people told in Samsung members app, anyway and I update software in Samsung service center after update problem is still same and i discuss Samsung technical team for problem finally they told trying to change charging port and check it in this process they want to taken time 20 days. finally I'm Saying u don't know any idea about this problem but you are experimenting customers mobile who told you is this charging port problem many of users facing these problem so all mobiles change charging port? don't tell useless words about the problem. Samsung service technical team is not an expert some of problems. just they say unreasonable words. charging problem came on several issues like software bug or glitch. new mobiles and under warranty devices hardware section issues is rare incidents like charging port and charging integrated circuit (IC). Bro anyway Samsung service is not much experted we are all believing it's Samsung service center but in this service center people no ideas about some technical or software related problems.
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Dear Samsung Member,

Greetings from Samsung Customer Support!

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. We would request you to kindly raise your concern under the Ask Question section from Samsung Member Application with more details, so that we can help you out with this.
Samsung member application > Click on get help > Send feedback > Ask question.

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