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Support for samsung a50

(Topic created on: 12-11-2021 11:30 PM)
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We need android 12 update for samsung a50.
samsung must recheck and consider andriod 12 elegibility list.

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I think the official support period does not count android 12 in.. so don't expect to be arrive but maybe it will... Usually if it is not listed... Won't get the update
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Hey bro,
Unfortunately a50 doesn't eligible for one ui4 Android 12...
So worry..
Eligible Models


 - Galaxy Z Flip3 5G (2021-Dec)

 - Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (2021-Dec)

 - Galaxy S10e (2022-Jan)

 - Galaxy S10 (2022-Jan)

 - Galaxy S10+ (2022-Jan)

 - Galaxy Note10 (2022-Jan)

 - Galaxy Note10+ (2022-Jan)

 - Galaxy Z Flip (2022-Jan)

 - Note10 Lite (2022-Jan)

 - Galaxy S20 FE (2022-Jan)

 - Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (2022-Jan)

 - Galaxy Note20 5G (2022-Jan)

 - Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G (2022-Jan)

 - Galaxy Z Fold2 5G/LTE (2022-Jan)

 - Galaxy S20 (2022-Jan)

 - Galaxy S20+ (2022-Jan)

 - Galaxy S20 FE 5G (2022-Jan)

 - Galaxy Tab S7+ (2022-Feb)

 - Galaxy Tab S7 (2022-Feb)

 - Galaxy A52 (2022-Feb)

 - Galaxy A52s 5G 2022-Feb)

 - Galaxy A72 (2022-Feb)

 - Galaxy A71 (2022-Apr)

 - Galaxy A51 (2022-Apr)

 - Galaxy A32 (2022-Apr)

 - Galaxy Tab S7 FE (2022-Apr)

 - Galaxy Tab S6 (2022-May)

 - Galaxy M31 (2022-May)

 - Galaxy M21 (2022-May)

 - Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2022-May)

 - Galaxy A22 5G (2022-May)

 - Galaxy F42 5G (2022-May)

 - Galaxy M32 5G (2022-May)

 - Galaxy M42 5G (2022-May)

 - Galaxy M52 5G (2022-May)

 - Galaxy A21s (2022-Jun)

 - Galaxy Tab A7(2020) (2022-Jun)

 - Galaxy M51 (2022-Jun)

 - Galaxy A22 (2022-Jun)

 - Galaxy M62 (2022-Jun)

 - Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (2022-Jun)

 - Galaxy M32 (2022-Jun)

 - Galaxy M22 (2022-Jun)

 - Galaxy A01 (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy A11 (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy M11 (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy M01 (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy A12 (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy M02s (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy M02 (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy A03s (2022-Jul)

 - Galaxy M12 (2022-Jul)


* Models for which the initially scheduled update time period has changed, have been highlighted in blue. 


Update Completed


 - Galaxy S21 5G (2021-Nov)

 - Galaxy S21+ 5G (2021-Nov)

 - Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (2021-Nov)

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A50 already got 3 major android software updates.so,A50 will not get android 12.
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