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S23 brightness and nits beats iPhone 14 pro max

(Topic created on: 11-27-2022 06:15 AM)
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Samsung Galaxy S23 Sibs Purported with Satellite Communication & 2200nits Brightness on Ultra

The Cupertino-based manufacturer and trendsetter Apple Inc recently unleashed its groundbreaking satellite-connected iPhone 14 series. The flagships can connect to orbiting satellites in emergencies with zero connectivity or cellular coverage. US and Canadian regions have the feature unlocked now, with more to follow.

Following in the footsteps of Apple Inc, the Korean manufacturer Samsung is R&D-ing a similar phone-to-satellite feature that could go official with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 series. An overseas media platform ETnews confirms that Samsung plans to collaborate with Iridium communications, the satellite service provider.

Iridium has access to dozens of low-orbiting satellites providing voice and data communication services. Surprisingly, Samsung has been secretly working with Iridium for over two years, initiating satellite-to-phone comms. Inspired by Apple x Global Star, Huawei used the same strategy with Beidou Satellites, bringing Emergency SOS to Mate 50 Pro lineup. 

In other news, Samsung’s next-gen Galaxy S23 Ultra is reportedly awaiting a new display technology that could break the highest-ever 2000nits peak brightness record (iPhone 14 Pro Max). According to SamMobile, the ultra S23 carries an E6 material Super AMOLED LTPO 3.0 display with the ability to hit 2200nits at a flagship Samsung smartphone price.

The new panel also supports PWM dimming close to 2000Hz, potentially reducing eye fatigue with prolonged usage. Alongside wider PWM and brightness range, the screen on S23 Ultra will bring a new version of Corning Gorilla Glass to compete with Apple’s Saphire Glass protection.

The new Galaxy flagships will also sport an overclocked Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 under the hood with a Cortex-X3-based Kryo alpha core running at 3.36GHz. In contrast, the base 8 Gen 2 chip clocks at 3.2 GHz. Where the parent starter Samsung Galaxy S22 price reaches close to 230,000 Rs in Pakistan, the newcomer S23 will surely hit the 300,000 Rs mark in 2023.