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Community Content - Feedback Request

(Topic created on: 09-11-2022 06:09 PM)
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Hello Members


Want to request you all to take 2 mins to read below and share your view-point on a few things. 


As part of a campaign to encourage our Members community to share their hobbies and passions, we have asked BAs to start the conversation by sharing their own hobbies, passions and other non-tech topics. 


Some active users have expressed that they feel this content is not relevant. This in OK, as long as the discussion remains civil. Many users have participated in this discussion properly.


But out of these, some (like darkvarder1) have taken things too far (example of a comment below)



  • Users like this take every opportunity to blame Moderators when they get banned. But they are openly threatening other users who are completely minding their own business.
  • They feel that communicating via memes is an effective mode of giving feedback, where many users and BAs are actively using the feedback section, sending error logs and participating in Beta programs. 
  • They keep inciting others to fight with them on other channels like twitter and discord.

Do users like this represent you and your attitude towards your fellow Members?

Want to take your opinion on below 3 things - 


1. Should users like this be entertained, or be removed with zero tolerance towards violent threats?


2. Do you mind the occasional off-topic threads on the Members community? 


3. Do these threads make it difficult for you to find other relevant content? If yes, Would you prefer if there was a different sub-forum for such off-topic threads?


Thank you in advance for your valuable feedback! 



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Omg! This is hilarious
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