Expert Level 5

good lock routines 

1 easy to set the function 

2 can set unlimited function 

3 various modes are available 

4 simple and very clean routines 

5 works very accurately all the time 

now worst part 

1 lack of customisation 


2 lack of various function like keyboard vibration timer, lack of edgelightining i.e its completely rigid to one type of edge lighting function.  lack of screen time out setting 


3 difficulty in setting power-saving modes that is it does not have well accurate functionality to set power-saving modes that are it can't decide which power saving mode is to be applied it can by mistake apply the ultra power saving mode if not watched carefully


4 rigidity on the top level 


Bixby routines 

1 easy to set more complex functions 

2 very much customizable in fact highly customisable 

3 easy to set power-saving modes 

4 has various edge lighting options  

5 has a better quality of customisation



1 unlike good lock routines it is capped to 50 functions 

2 s9 and note 9  devices do suffer that is some function like aod and auto-rotate suffers which isn't a big deal 

3 lack of video enhancer setting unlike good lock routines the Bixby routines does not have the setting for the video enhancer off and on based on the apps 

4 game mode lacks some details 


these are the key differences between the Bixby routines and good lock routines 




























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