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Opens the app?

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Earlier Bixby used to app my apps on my voice command, don't know what's wrong with it now a days. Apps don't turn on even after trying harder.


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It's an assitant which is virtually developed by samsung electronics. Bixby works according with voice command.


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With the hardware and software working together in harmony, you can draw the best out of your phone without causing extra burden to your processor.

Smarter Way!

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Use some smarter ways in persuing your lifestyle. Use bixby for certain works of regular basis. Just give a command by your voice and enjoy bixby's work.

AI based

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Is Bixby AI based? The intelligence it has, can't be termed any less than either artificial or super intelligence.


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ios Guys is there a way to download bixby in ios devices? i want to have bixby in both my devices.

personal assistant

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Using Bixby is like having a personal assistant. It sets y reminders and updates my calendar and schedule and let's me know what I have to do!

Posted by: sawyer
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