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bixby is dumb.

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when I say "hi bixby, play music" then I will hear, "I can't understand that". I was getting action with this command previously, but it stopped all of a sudden. Does anyone have solution(s )??

Posted by: mikej
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Hmd S

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There is many things on Bixby First,you can open your galaxy smartphone by saying,Hey Bixby Write about some tricks in bixby ✌

Posted by: HmdS
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دعونا نفكر معا بمقترحات الاستفادة من زر البكسبي الصوتي.. لاغراض أخرى التسهيل و والوصولLet us think together about the suggestions of using the audio bixby button for other purposes of facilitation and access

bixby button

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Am i the only one who never uses the bixby button????I wish i could customize the function of bixby button to directly open my other fav apps.. why do i need the button for when i have voice wakeup for bixby?? If you want the option of customizing bi...