Samsung has just revealed a handful of new features that Bixby will be getting in the coming days, so if you're a fan of the AI, here is what you should expect. 


For example, you'll be able to see how a piece of clothing looks on you by simply using the phone's camera to search for a product similar to one right in front of you.

Bixby can now translate entire blocks of text and turn a regular movie poster into an AR movie trailer. All with the enhanced Bixby Vision.

Enhanced Live Translation is a brand new feature that allows Bixby Vision to capture multiple lines of text and translate them in augmented reality, without having to take a picture.

Picture Play enables Bixby Vision to turn movie posters into movie trailers. Simply point the camera at the poster, billboard, or other types of ads to get the details you need. Moreover, you'll be able to get all sorts of info about that movie such as the cast, reviews rating, and a plot overview.

Bad news: Samsung announced that these new features will first be available on the Galaxy Note 10 and didn't mention anything about other models.

So new Bixby features coming soon in ur Samsung Phone near you....condition it should be Note 10โœŒ๐Ÿ™‚

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picture plays is gimmick translation is useful though
I agree...translation is very useful and extraction of text is good too