Bixby Voice:

Though there are many voice assistant apps including Google Assistant, no other app in the android ecosystem has the ability to control internal settings like we can with Bixby. Let it be controlling your Gallery, your settings or your shortcut toggles. What more is it understands you and acts smarter the more you use it. 

Bixby Routines/Quick Comands:

This is my favourite feature out of all that are related to Bixby. Using this you can make your phone behave as per a certain scenario. Let's say you are in office and you don't wanna keep using Wi-Fi, you want to turn on the medium Power saving mode and anything else that goes good with you being in office, Bixby routine can change all the settings by simply telling Bixby that you are at office or may be simply office. These small quick comands have helped me many times and has saved my time from not doing repeated works. Couple of example routines that I use are below:




This video from our BA Karan Singh tells how to use Bixby comands.

Watch the below YouTube video from Tech isode TV YouTube channel.

Bixby Vision:

This ability from Bixby is very underrated. But this too should not be ignored. It is used to know various information using AI from what you are looking at using your camera. Let it be Wine labels or translation you will get the information you need on the tip of your fingers.

There is no reason why you should not fall in love with the assistant called Bixby and not use it in Day to day life. I love to use it. What are your favourite features of Bixby? Let us know in the comments below.... Untill next post, Love.
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