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oreo update on galaxy onnxt

Posted in: Bengaluru

Dear community members,I have recently updated my galaxy onnxt to Android OREO.What are the additional features in OREO and how to get the latest Samsung UI?Thanks in advance for information.

check charger/usb port glitch

Posted in: Bengaluru

I am getting check charger/usb port notification since last one day. My device has not touched the water still its showing that there is moisture in charging port. I had a same issue with my note 8 and again i am facing this in note 9.I didn't excpet...

Posted by: AKH494
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Battery Optimization

Posted in: Bengaluru

Battery Optimization How can i save battery on my J7. Not that i am out more (finally got a job!!) i have to use data more, so battery get drained faster! any tip anyone?

Posted by: ark123
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oreo update

Posted in: Bengaluru

Could pls speed up the process of getting android oreo on older devices ... I hv a a9 pro and although the expected update arrival month was September I hvnt received an update .. Pls do snd in updates faster .. ty😊

Post Oreo update

Posted in: Bengaluru

Hello Team,I updated my J7 prime to Oreo. The problem is when the data saver is on, it won't turn on the hotspot and it will throw an error like cannot use hotspot when data saver is on. Earlier, it will automatically turn off the data saver when I t...

Posted by: craze1
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j7 prime orea update problem

Posted in: Bengaluru

When I was charging my phone the battery percentage will be 30% after 1 min i saw my phone was fully charged. Battery percentage is at 100 but my phone was not full charged because when I use my phone battery percentage get decreased adruptly. My pho...

Posted by: ckm
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