Beginner Level 2
Hi friends. Today I am going to write my very first blog. My heart is beating little fast as I am writing this blog. My expectations has brought me some sense of fear as I am typing this blog. I have never written any blog before. And the question you may ask that "then why today?" Rightly asked. I am also asking the same question to myself that why I felt the need of blogging today as I have never done that before. See, I think the answer will not be that straight and simple.
I am a hotelier. And that means a lot for me as I feel proud when I look back at the day I took the decision of joining hotel industry. I am from India and I love this part of the life that I have been living since last few years. Yes, my job is no more just a job for me. It has become the part of my life. It has given me the best thing that a man always fights for. And that is IDENTITY. And I am happy with my identity. But since last few days I have been feeling of adding another identity to my personality. The identity of a blogger. I don't know whether you would find my blogs interesting or not, but one thing I have promised myself that I will put my hundred percent while blogging some thing. So, a question may come that "a blogger for a hotelier" and why is that?
Friends, Six years back I started a restaurant near Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar. Khandagiri is not only famous for "Biraj Hotels and Restaurant" (name of our restaurant) but also for it's two hills and 32 caves made for Jain monks for worshiping god and meditation. Khandagiri is also famous for it's "Khandagiri Kumbh mela" which happens every year during the month of January and February. Doing a business is tough. But doing a restaurant business is more challenging. But be sure that our perseverance and effort will bring the success; not necessarily the way we want but may be the other way. Restaurant business always keeps us busy. Busy with different people coming to the restaurant daily and busy in solving the challenges that we face everyday. Choosing the Location is the most vital challenge that comes first while planning to start a restaurant. Restaurants near Jagamara (a nearby location to Khandagiri) are in a win win situation due to their location. But in my case I got the location for my restaurant on National Highway 16. Still few restaurants in good location get failed while we have been at the same place since last six years and putting all the efforts continuously to make it best restaurant in Bhubaneswar. Architecture and Interior are two things mostly required for any restaurant. But let me tell you one thing that even if a restaurant has the most adorable architecture or interior then also it can not be listed as best restaurant of the city until it has that personal touch with it's customers. The customers can only be upgraded to the level of guests if the entity itself knows how to greet and treat them. Sending personal greetings and treating customers as the most important part within the premises will give them a feel of a guest with a personal touch. And these simple efforts will definitely list any restaurant as the best in the city.
Actually location does matter for any business. Restaurants near Baramunda Bus Stand or Bhubaneswar Bus Stand also runs well. Similarly restaurants near ITER college break their own records every month. Both these locations generate two different type of customers. I find more traveler in Baramunda, Bhubaneswar due Bus stand but more couples and family near ITER due to the college. Both the locations are at similar distance from my restaurant. So to attract such customers I added Rooms for lodging purpose. Yes friends, I added six rooms to my entity in the year of 2018. Since then my business is not restricted to restaurant only. Rather it is more into a Hotel near Khandagiri. A hotel is never complete without a hall. And already there was the demand of Banquet halls near Khandagiri. So, I thought of to add a conference hall to my business. Meanwhile two famous hospital got opened near our venture i.e. AIIMS and AMRI. And I got the momentum of the market. I knew that there will be a huge demand of Hotels near AMRI hospital and cheap hotels near AIIMS. Such two hospitals at this part of Bhubaneswar will certainly drive the pharma industry and they will definitely look for conference halls near AIIMS and AMRI for their business meetings, events, promotions etc. So, It was enough reason for me to invest further into a conference hall. Now my hotel was complete with one 60 pax conference hall, 06 rooms and a 32 cover restaurant which serves Indian cuisine with a great taste. We also serve good Chinese food and soon we will add Tandoor to our menu. My journey from restaurant to a hotel was not that easy. It took me four years to create good will in the market by which I can generate some investment. And this investment helped me to add Rooms and a conference hall to my venture. We were doing well until April 2019. Then this Cyclone FANI came in May 2019 and landed near Puri. Bhubaneswar was hit drastically. Business after FANI was not same as before. Friends again in 2020 this Corona Virus alias COVID 19 came and brought this period of lock down to us. What happened to the business after FANI and what will happen after Corona? The answer will be told and explained in the next blog. Until then stay home and stay safe. Bye.