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Hey members,
I'm Harshavardhan Reddy a Samsung brand
ambassador from Bangalore. I'm a developer
Working in LinkedIn. I'm a big Samsung fan and
also a tech enthusiast who loves exploring and
learning about new technologies.
My passions are travelling, photography and mma.

I'm a huge galaxy 'S' series fan ,been using the series phones from the beginning .
I've been an Samsung brand ambassador for over a
year now and I must say it's been an amazing
journey so far. I like to contribute in every way
possible in members app to help others to see the innovation and creativity by samsung .
Samsung has been doing a phenomenal job till now, With the tech it has.
Members app has helped me to find interesting and crazy people .
Few them have become good friends .
The events by samsung are very interesting and involving.
They respect the feedback of customers and that's what i love about them

If your voice can't be heard by samsung.We are here to take to it .

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I am also a huge Samsung fan... I have 7 Samsung phones in my home itself.... I am currently using galaxy A50.. but actuall I badly need a galaxy watch active ...I am in love with this watch...could you please gift me one♥️
can't gift that one.By the way, be active on all the contests conducted in this app. participate and win amazing prices .Keep socializing in this memebers app and start solving issues. Who know you might get lucky one day

thanks again.
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thank you sir♥️