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Why This much DESCRIMINATION...why????

(Topic created on: 04-23-2019 11:06 AM)
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I am an s10 plus 512gb exynos user. I recently knew that the best s10 plus is snapdragon 855 version which only ships to US and CHINA. The Snapdragon version have better battery life and better gaming and overall performance than exynos. And also Samsung provides picture in picture mode on YouTube for the US customers. And the useful apps like Goodlock and its modules like task changer, multistar,notistar...etc only to them. They even get fast software updates as well. Why Samsung,  why. We are paying the same cash as them and why this descrimination. And ther is so much to say. Like, heating is more on exynos. And so on. Please do something,  i want to exchange this exynos with the snapdragon 855 international version. 

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I agree with you, even Samsung Pay is not available here
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I'm a A50 user my battery run down very quickly also I'm not an heavy user