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eSIM Contact saving function support discontinued

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eSIM Contact saving function support discontinued



Contacts can be saved in several places besides a Galaxy device, including USIMs, a user's Samsung/Google account, and eSIMs, which utilise the device's storage. For devices running One UI 6.1 or later, the eSIM Contact saving function is no longer supported. Galaxy device users can move their contacts using their phone, Samsung account, Google account, or other accounts.





  • eSIM service may vary depending on the country and carrier.
  • eSIM service is not supported in some countries.

How to move contacts from eSIM

Review how many contacts you have saved in each storage location at the same time, including your eSIM. Contacts that are saved on your eSIM and in other places can be moved to alternate locations.

View contacts per storage location

  • Open the Contacts app > Menu (three horizontal lines) > Select All contacts.


Move contacts to other storage



Step 1. Open the Contacts app > Menu (the three horizontal lines) > Tap Manage contacts.




Step 2. Select Move contacts.




Step 3. Select eSIM.




Step 4. Select the contacts you’d like to move. > Tap Done.




Step 5. Select Phone, Samsung account, or Google account. > Tap Move.


  • Last Update date : Feb 06. 2024