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Samsung S22 Ultra

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I am asking about samsung S22 Ultra SM-S908BZGGEUB International Version

I need to know the following:
International version could work in Egypt ?
RAM 8 GB or 12 GB
Processor ?
Single sim card or dual ?
Storage: 256 or 128 GB 
Rear Camera MP ?
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Hello. I’m Amira, Samsung Moderator
Thank you for asking the question
We wish you a happy day
Based on your inquiry regarding the update

The features of the version available in Egypt will be

for Processor  was e

for storage 8GB+128GB


Nano sim -Esim

but e-sim not available in Egypt if you travel any country that support e sim we can inform you with steps to activate

Rear Camera - Resolution (Multiple)
108.0 MP + 10.0 MP + 12.0 MP + 10.0 MP

Front Camera - Resolution
40.0 MP

To know more specifications, you can visit the website through the following link


If you have any other question, can you explain it to us
We are  at your service always
Thanks for your time