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S20 ultra screen turned green

(Topic created on: 11-21-2022 11:45 PM)
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جالاكسى S
I had my S20 ultra since it launched, it was a pre-order in march 2020.
Last month i started noticing fine grey and flickering horizontal lines on the screen which was really weird.
2 weeks later was the first time my screen turned green and shaky, i locked the phone then unlocked it, all went back to normal.
Couple of days later green flickery screen was back... i turned off the phone and all was good after turning it on.
Until the screen decided to give up on me, and nothing seems to be working. I have a white and green screen, i cannot read anything off of it i can barely see the icon's shapes in green.
Fingerprint works perfectly, and everything else is great, i can turn flashlight on and off because i know where the button is in notification panel.
The phone charges normally, and i can use it in Dex mode on my laptop.
It is just the screen.

My phone did not fall, this just happened while i was chatting on whatsapp, and this happened gradually as i mentioned.

I looked it up on google, sooooooooooo many people are having the exact same issue with this model specially after 2 years of usage starting with fine grey lines all the was to a green useless screen, so many videos and so many complaints. Some people said they got free repair from Samsung.

I didn't fix my device, i feel it is unfair to pay 200-300$ to fix a common problem in an expensive flagship that is built to last 4 years minimim, and it only got halfway.
This is a great device, such a shame this is happening.
I hope my post reaches Samsung, and they investigate the flaw and do something about it.