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S20 plus هينزله one ui 6?

(Topic created on: 09-02-2023 01:10 PM)
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لا لاسف سلسلة ال s20 كلها مش هينزلها علي حسب التسريبات
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مساء الخيريا فندم مع حضرتك اميرة من سامسونج مصر
بنشكرك جدا على مشاركتك معانا وبنتمنى لحضرتك يوم سعيد
لم يتم تحديد موعد صدور حتي الان لاندرويد 14

ممكن حضرتك تفعل التحديث التلقائي لو في اي تحديث سيظهر لحضرتك اشعار
و ممكن الدخول عليNotices من خلال الضغط علي الجرز أعلي التطبيق.
المعلومه موجوده من خلال الNotices

بناءا علي مقترحاتك بيتم توضيحها للقسم المختص
و تاكد ان هدفنا رضائك في تحسين الخدمة و تطويرها

ولو عند حضرتك أى استفسار أخر
موجودين تحت أمرك وفى خدمتك فى أى وقت
شكرا لحضرتك و لوقتك

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I know that the eligible devices that will receive these update already mentioned with the lack of S20 , Note 20 unfortunately & It's almost impossible that Samsung will change the plan of not upgrading the S20 Series & Note 20 series to these update but just I want to say in a try to persuade that S20 series & Note 20 Series are still strong phones still powerful with wide users till now & deserve to get one last major update (Android 14 ) they received already 3 major updates from Samsung that was eligible for in policy in that time as promised from Android 11,12 & 13 & still getting security update as well , I think & if I'm wrong someone correct me Samsung Policy changed starting from S21 series to S23 they will receive 4 Major updates not 3 , the S20 & Note 20 deserve it to have 4 Major updates too

Please Samsung S20 & Note Series still good & deserve Android 14 One UI 6.0 as last major update 

I wish to hear opinions from owners of S20 Series & Note 20 Series as I see that those phones still strong & deserve to have the Android 14 One UI 6.0 as last major update