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جالاكسى S
Couldn't connect s pen (air action) doesn't work
I have S22 ultra (UAE Version)
What I do?
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جالاكسى S

Hello. I’m Aya, Samsung Moderator
Thank you for asking the question
We wish you a happy day
Based on your inquiry regarding the update

kindly follow the below steps
settings -General Management - Reset -Reset all settings
I asked your permission to do a reset of the device first
To reset the stylus, open Settings, then find and select the S Pen. Tap the S Pen again, then tap the S Pen Remote or Air Actions, then tap More options (the three vertical dots). Tap Reset S Pen and wait for the S Pen to reset itself.
Then do a pen test by writing the following code in Contacts:
Dial > *#0*#
Tap on "wacom test" or the s pen, then move the S pen across the grid one at a time. The grid will change to another color.
In the event that the screen color changes during the test, please do a factory reset for the device.
Settings - General management - Reset - Factory data reset - Reset device - Erase all
Before starting this step, please copy the phone data. It can be stored through the following link of the Samsung smart switch program
In the event that the color of the screen does not change during the test, I ask your permission to visit the nearest maintenance center until the device is checked and the problem is resolved for you.
You can send us your city and residential area to send you the nearest service center or you can follow the link below to find the nearest one :

If you have any other question, can you explain it to us
We are  at your service always
Thanks for your time