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More Control Required

(Topic created on: 04-09-2024 04:04 AM)
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جالاكسى S
There are two parts the user must have control on it but they aren't available in the current interface:

1. How long the DTMF tone last, short/long/or even better: custom
This is required to deal with some old IVR systems which doesn't recognize short DTMF

2. Switching from SMS to MMS. Doesn't matter how long the SMS I should be able to disable the auto-switching. It's annoying that I need tosplit the message by myself to acoid this change
جالاكسى S

1- I don't get the first point, can you elaborate the meaning of the acronym? 

2- Enable chat features through message settings to send & receive long messages over wifi or mobile data

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جالاكسى S
DTMF is the standard tone sent when call an IVR. For example a bank or hospital or government entity
The problem, SAMSUNG had an option to switch between short and long tones a while ago, now the option is no longer exists and it's short by default.
So when I call Riyadh municipality for example, the IVR doesn't recognize any number I press

As for your suggestion to enable the chat feature, it's already enabled and it's irrelevant. I should be able to choose whether to switch to MMS or not. The current situation, when the SMS length exceeds certain number of characters it converted to MMS and I have no choice to return it back.
I have scenarios when I need to send long SMS as SMS, not MMS