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Late in receiving my PreOrder

(Topic created on: 03-29-2022 12:10 AM)
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جالاكسى S
Hi samsung community i have ordered the new galaxy s22 ultra (online exclusive colour graphite) on 14th February and I was told it will be delivered on the 13th of March however I rang samsung for an update because the status is still stuck on 'customising your order' and I was told it may be delayed by another week which is soo frustrating however I was told that it may still be delivered on date I was wondering if anyone else is having the same issue
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جالاكسى S
I pre-ordered on Feb 10th and still haven't received my device. It was expected to deliver on March 11th and today is March 29th.
Since the 11th if contacted then on daily basis and they kept informing me that I would recive it this week before Thursday.

It is now 3 Thursdays past the delivery date and and no one can give me an estimate on when to expect it.

The true fact in this matter is that they seem to be having issues in customs for their shipment coming from UAE