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KSA phones permanently in prenormal RMM state

(Topic created on: 02-16-2019 09:03 PM)
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جالاكسى S
Why do the Samsung phones in Saudi Arabia remain stuck forever in RMM state prenormal?

RMM state prenormal prevents users to install a custom recovery and/or operating system. In other words, the phone cannot be rooted and be fully under the control of its owner. RMM state prenormal is supposed to be an anti-theft feature and it is supposed to clear 7 days (168 hours) after the initial setup of the phone or after a factory reset. But in KSA, it never clears. 

RMM (Remote Mobile Manager) is part of Knox. Knox and RMM are what enables companies to keep the phones of their employees remotely under control. 

At this point, you should be asking yourselves (and Samsung) two questions:
1) Why am I being denied full control over a device I owe?
2) If I don't have full control, then who does? Samsung? The government?

You can see if your phone is in prenormal mode by rebooting to download mode: shut down the phone, then press volume down + Bixby + power (all three together). Keep them pressed until the screen becomes green. Then press volume up. If you see "RMM state : prenormal" listed in the next screen, then you are unable to flash non Samsung binaries and you cannot root your phone to take full control.