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I can't auto record calls for specific numbers

(Topic created on: 03-17-2024 07:21 PM)
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جالاكسى S

<Galaxy S23 Ultra>
I searched the Phone app to find that I can record calls for specific numbers. When I add a dial to this list and it calls me, the recording doesn't work. Only works if I choose (record for all calls). 

Does anyone know how it should work for a specific numbers only? 

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جالاكسى S

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Based on your inquiry regarding the update

The availability of call recording functionality varies depending on the country or region you are in. In some countries, particularly in Europe and some states in the United States, it is illegal to record calls without the other party's consent. As a result, this feature is not enabled in our products in these regions. 

This feature may not be available in all Samsung Galaxy phones, country or region. [How to record calls] 1) Record calls automatically - Phone application > More options (⁝) > Settings > Record calls > Record calls automatically > Turn it on and choose the type of calls 2) Record calls manually - Phone application during an ongoing call > More Options (⁝) > Call Recording tab 3) View recorded calls - Phone app > More options (⁝) > Settings > Call Recording > Recorded Calls

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