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جالاكسى S
The Android 11 update also brings the One UI 3.0 app specific to Samsung phones. However, the company is withdrawing the update due to some bugs. For example, after the update, the Galaxy S10 gets very hot and takes blurry photos. After fixing the bugs, the update is expected to be re-introduced to the Galaxy S10 series. Samsung phones that will receive the Android 11 update are: -Galaxy S10 
-Galaxy S10 +
-Galaxy S10 Lite
-Galaxy Note 10 
-Galaxy Note 10+
-Galaxy Note 20
-Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
-Galaxy Z Flip
-Galaxy Z Fold 2
-Galaxy Golf
-Galaxy M21
-Galaxy M30s
-Galaxy M31
-Galaxy A51
-Galaxy Note 10 Lite
-Galaxy Tab S7
-Galaxy A50
-Galaxy M51 
-Galaxy A21s
-Galaxy A31
-Galaxy A70
-Galaxy A71
-Galaxy A80
-Galaxy Tab S6
-Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 
-Galaxy A01-Core
-Galaxy A01
-Galaxy A11
-Galaxy M11
-Galaxy Tab A
-Galaxy A30
-Galaxy Tab S5e
-Galaxy A10
-Galaxy A10s
-Galaxy A20
-Galaxy A20s
-Galaxy A30s
-Galaxy Tab A 10.1
-Galaxy Tab Active Pro
-Galaxy Tab A8
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I heard that news. S10 series' update was planned for January. Then they changed it to the last moment to February. And now they suspended the update again.
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Note 10 plus there are no issues i have faced except that Volte is no more available for Mobily after the update
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oh. ok. No heating issues? How's the new software? which one is better, Android 10 or 11? I heard some options not available that we had in Android10.
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Which options brother?
Well its been less than a week i have been using and so far its ok with me. I installed through smart switch so i didn't reset my device but later after a day i did a factory reset and so performance is balanced... Touch wood🍀
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It's like some apps from the quick panel that dragging down from the home screen. I watched a review on youtube. But it's a long time ago.